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Pictured here
are half
whiskey barrels arrangements designed for a pre-wedding gathering

These are a few photos of a recent project in Alton where in addition to the in ground plantings we utilized 9 half whiskey barrels that were designed and planted by Jan Bicknell and Sue Burkhardt, our two gardening supervisors and Hannah O'Brien.  The planters were prepared, planted and maintained for two months in our greenhouse then brought to the project when the terrace was completed.  They will be a colorful feature for a pre-wedding gathering on the terrace the night before.  The day of the wedding they will be in full view from the field below for all to see.

Another new cultivar in the Endless Summer series of new Hydrangeas.  We are starting to use more of this variety as it shows improved winter hardiness over some of the older pink and blue varieties and sets flower buds on current and previous year's growth.  This particular cultivar is called 'Twist and Shout'.  Unlike the original Endless Summer with its Hortensia type globular flowers, each 'Twist and Shout' lace cap type flower contains both fertile and sterile flowers.  Both Endless Summer Hydrangeas are extremely attractive and bear flowers for most of the season.  The flowers can be either pink or blue depending on the pH of the soil that they are growing in.

Dave Alessandroni, owner of Carroll County Landscape, Mike Nicolay, General Manager and Tyrrell Nickerson, Assistant Foreman of the installation crew recently attended the NH Landscape Association's August Twilight meeting in Kensington NH.  The meeting was held at Sawyer Park and the topic was its Adopt-an-Organic-Field program.  The featured speakers discussed the program and the aspects and attributes of an organic lawn care program.  The approach involves creating a system that integrates three concepts: the use of natural organic products as dictated by soil testing, an understanding of the soil and its bio-mass, and sound cultural practices.  Dave, Mike and Tyrrell came away from the meeting with a wealth of new information as well as a reaffirmation of some of the techniques and products that are currently being used by Carroll County Landscape in their turf and planting programs.

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