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Millican Nurseries Inc. 25th anniversary celebration co-sponsored by the New Hampshire Landscape Association.

On Saturday July 9th the staff of Carroll County Landscape, Inc. participated in Millican Nurseries' 25th anniversary celebration. Members of CCL attending the educational sessions and tours included Dave Alessandroni, Mike Nicolay, Jan Bicknell, Sue Burkhardt, Justin Dacey, Tyrrell Nickerson, Vikki Tinkham and Shand Haughey. The all day event included David Rousseau, Director of the Division of Pesticide Control who spoke at the first morning session on new regulations for commercial applications. Piera Siegart followed with an update on some of the invasive insect pests to be on the lookout for. Tours of the nursery and growing fields took place throughout the day as well as tractor and equipment demonstrations by Chappell Tractor. Following a delicious barbecue lunch, were educational talks by representatives from Moon Nurseries, Maryland on Grower and Landscape Distribution and Dwight Hughes of Hughes Nursery and Landscape, Cedar Rapids, Iowa speaking on landscape strategies for maximum time efficiency. The final talk of the day was by Ed Gregan of Carlton Plants, Dayton Ohio. Ed spoke on the subject of 'Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Plants'.

Our thanks go out to Millicans for their hospitality. Millicans is a wholesale nursery that has been supplying Carroll County Landscape with plants for 24 years. They have over 200 acres that they utilize for sales and growing and a staff of 42. Millican has become known for its exceptional staff and incredible selection of plants.

Carroll County Landscape, Inc. - Compost Topdressing of Turf

Starting in late summer/early fall Carroll County Landscape will be topdressing many of the lawns we care for with screened compost. This along with aeration prior to topdressing is the single most helpful thing that can be done to manage the health of the soil that is the foundation of every lawn maintenance program. The purchase of a Finn bark and compost blower last fall has given us the ability to do this efficiently and at a reasonable cost.

Topdressing with compost benefits the lawn because it is rich in organic matter and nutrients that build a living soil. Microbial life in the soil is the key to a healthy turf system. Compost is the best source of organic matter and beneficial micro-organisms. Among the benefits are increased organic matter, more carbon for microbes, increased nutrient availability to the grass plant, increased microbial activity, improved soil structure, water infiltration, aeration and water holding capacity. Topdressing results in a more stable soil pH and a continuous release of nutrients as microbes break down the organic forms of nitrogen into inorganic nitrogen that the grass can utilize.

For many years we have used compost in all of our landscape plantings. We hope to expand our use of compost into our lawn maintenance programs and believe that property owners will be favorably impressed by the results.

Photo: Impressive Rosebay Rhododendrons planted by
Carroll County Landscape, Inc.

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