Archive III Spring 2009


Cardinal Tea Crab



Pear blossom


Lilac ready to burst into flower.

Landscape Pests:

Eastern Tent Caterpillar is now active.  We have seen a sample of this on two Flowering Crabs at our shop however the silken webs are remaining very small so far; maybe the result of the cold nights.  Eastern Tent Caterpillar larvae construct silken webs in the crotches of branches and move out of the web on warm days to feed on the new leaves.

Viburnum Leaf Beetle larvae will soon be active, feeding on new leaves and will feed until about mid June.  Adult beetles appear about two - three weeks later and feed until the first frost.  We've found most of our problems associated with the larvae feeding and not the adults.  This has become a major pest of certain Viburnums.  A favorite Viburnum of ours, Viburnum dentatum 'Chicago Lustre' (Arrowwood Viburnum) is no longer a plant that we use in any of our designs due to it being highly susceptible to the Viburnum Leaf Beetle.  We have found however that there are still several Viburnums that are excellent plants for the landscape and show low to moderate susceptibility.

Voles are 4-6" long brownish grey critters that like to make runways or winding trails under snow in lawns as they feed on grass and roots.  We get many questions about what to do about them or the damage they create.  When their winter protection is gone and the lawn areas are open to predation from birds and others they move to more protected areas.  Once the lawn is raked out and fertilized the lawn fills in and the damage is usually minimal.  If damage is severe some over seeding can be done.  A late Fall mowing and cleanup of leaves that could provide cover for voles is a good a method of inhibiting their presence.

Spring Has Sprung!
The weather toward the end of April brought temperatures in the 80's.  We went from winter to July temperatures in one week; only in NH!  This pushed the flowering bulbs like Daffodils into bloom in the sunny areas. Things turned normal again pretty quickly as the last week in April and first few days of May had us waking up to frost on the lawn more than we would have liked.  More rain in the first full week of May and early flowering trees and shrubs are starting to pop.


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