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On the landscaping front we had both early hard frosts and some very nice mild weather in October.  The weather seems to be making big swings in two week periods.  There has been ample rain including a couple pretty heavy rainfalls.  Mornings start out pretty dark as the days grow shorter but November 1st will signal the change of the clocks as we fall back an hour and for one day get an hour more of sleep.  Of course that also means our afternoons will be cut shorter as darkness will fall upon us earlier and earlier each day.

Mite activity is still showing up in places on certain conifers.  Grubs, if any are present in your lawn are starting to tunnel deeper as the soil gets colder.  Some of our lawns are still growing while others have slowed down a lot.  The leaves are dropping and our leaf cleanups have started in the lawn areas.  The fussy last cleanup of the season for each property is still some weeks away as some trees are still holding their leaves.  Moles and voles still seems to be the most frequently asked about topic as their tunneling in mulch and lawn areas is obvious in many places this fall.  It is mostly an annoyance that can be taken care of in the spring.  I have yet to find something real effective to prevent their activity.  What seems to be different this year is their timing.  We usually see the results of their tunneling in the spring after a winter under the cover of snow.  I don't remember a fall where I have seen this much activity.

We're still planting but it won't be long before you'll see us spraying the broadleaf evergreens with anti-transparent to help protect them from losing too much moisture from their leaves and scorching over the winter.  We'll also be spraying a deer repellent in areas where damage has been a problem in the past.  The areas where deer actively feed seem to be growing larger every year.  Another thing we do to protect certain plants from the harsh winter weather is burlapping and in areas where there are big snow loads or ice sliding off roofs we install wooden protective structures.  Yes, it won't be long.  It seems that we just got the boat out of the water and we're hearing about record snow falls in Denver.  We've already seen our first flakes but we were spared an accumulation here in Wolfeboro.  Some weren't so lucky.  Do you recall the Patriots playing on a snow covered field in Foxboro in October!

Congratulations all from Carroll County Landscape, Inc. that contributed in any way to the creation of our scarecrows and especially to Jan and Sue who put their imagination and artistic talent into building another 1st place award winning Scarecrow Contest entry. Their use of plants for hair and pots for heads has become the trademark of their entries for the last three years.  This year they added yet another scarecrow to the group making it five.  They had a lady scarecrow sipping a cocktail on a lounge chair while four landscaper scarecrows worked on the landscape around her.  The theme - 'Leave Your Landscaping To Us'.


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